Don Quijote

When the founder of Don Quijote was stocking inventory at the closed store. There came a customer who was apparently misled by the lights.

Are you still open? Great!

At that time, convenience stores were only open from seven to eleven. As reputation spread by word of mouth, the founder noticed the store getting busier with customers even in the wee hours. And so he realized

There's something about overnight marketing.

One of the most distinctive features of Don Quijote was inspired by one customer.

Don Quijote has three pillars: "Convenience", "Discount" and most of all, "Amusement" - that makes us absolutely distinctive to other retailers. These pillars are reflected in our shelves filled with products from floor to ceiling; thus you can see their "faces". They are reflected in our eclectic lineup of products from living necessities to tasteful and fun items that create a buzz. They are reflected in the "Point of Purchase" signs describing each product. They are reflected in our jaw dropping price settings. All of these "Amusement" twists create synergy among "Convenience" and "Discount". Your genuine joy of shopping is Don Quijote's identity. We will not compromise our commitment.

Our company stores were named after the hero in Miguel de Cervantes novel, whose style corresponds to ourselves defying unfair restrictions and regularity, bravely and aggressively offering challenges to the conventional retail industry.

Our penguin mascot, Donpen, stands for Don Quijote Penguin. The image of the character created by the special combination of a penguin, well matched to the midnight blue color, a red night-cap he always wears and the moon as a symbol of lightening the midnight towns.

About Company

Pacific Transportation Lines, Inc. was established in 1989 as a minority-owned full-service logistics shipper and is national certified by the WESTERN REGIONAL MINORITY SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL.

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